Your one-stop backend to manage your businesses

· Enables you to manage your business online
· Monitor one to multiple outlets real-time from any location
· View consolidated reports for all outlets
· Create and share customised reports


Monitor Remotely

Away from your outlet and still want to know what is going on? You can now do it from anywhere in the world, over the internet.

Once logged in to Cloud, you will see live feed of each outlet as if you were there. We have also made all the reports in the iPad available in the Cloud.

All your outlets, in one place 

We build Cloud to help businesses with multiple outlets. Add unlimited iPads into your Cloud and we'll automatically group your data into "branches".

You can view reports for individual outlet or summarised all outlets, and expand to individual with a single click.

Build your own reports

We've learned that our built-in reports will never catch up with your needs to study and analyse data. User A may want to see daily sales for each product and User B is more only interested in monthly sales by category.

By using Cloud, you are able to build customised report simply by drag-n-dropping metrics into columns and rows, and click a button to see the report.